How can you quickly lose 10 kg?

Slim girl with a slim body

What good motivation! A current topic that excites many, especially the inhabitants of the city, around which many anecdotes have developed. Gyms create advertising campaigns on this topic, search engine queries again occupy the first places. The fact is that everyone seemed to stop during the time of self-isolation, slowed down the pace of activity, including physical activity. As a result, more and more people, concerned about their figure, urgently want to lose the extra kilos they gained, which came with the quarantine. In addition to reducing activity, our body played a cruel joke on us: it increased the desire to consume simple carbohydrates and glucose, which turn into fat, so that we can "take advantage" of stress.

Gaining extra pounds is easier than losing them, so we decided to help you do it right. It is recommended to lose no more than 1-1. 5 kg per week and 4-5 kg per month, but there are times when you need to lose 10 kg per week. For example, a wedding, a vacation, suddenly a summer.

First of all, you need to understand that the faster you lose weight, the more:

  • can come back faster
  • further endangers the body, which is fraught with tangible consequences

At the same time, the extra pounds definitely have a negative effect on the body, so you should definitely get rid of them.

To know how to avoid the above and lose 10 kilograms as quickly as possible without damaging the body, study our article.

Body mass index and what you eat with

Why is the article called "How can you lose 10 kg fast"? Why not 5, 15 or, for example, 7 kilograms? The thing is, this is the most frequent figure that people finally notice and it sounds the alarm urgently. For example, 3 kilograms may not be noticeable, as a person's weight during the day changes by about 2 kg in both directions, depending on the meals and the amount of water consumed. But the same 10 kg is considered tangible, which affects the volume and size of clothing.

To correctly determine how many kilograms you need to lose weight, calculate your BMI - body mass index. BMI gives the weight range you are advised to be in, based on an estimate of the degree to which a person's weight and height coincide.

If you do not want to count yourself, you can use calculators on the Internet, it is available and takes less than a minute. Do not forget that this formula offers only a rough estimate: for men and women, the evaluation differs due to a number of characteristics of the physique and structure, the BMI and its norms will also be different for a child and an adult. Also, a person can be overweight, but not actually obese, since in terms of quality their weight is completely muscular, with a minimum amount of fat. This is because the BMI formula does not differentiate between muscle mass and fat mass.

We will assume that we have decided on the body mass index. Time to get in on the action!

We will give an example of recommendations, given that you will surely lose 10 kilograms quite quickly, but remember: the more responsible and professional you approach this issue, the better the result. Yes, it is more professional, because the main recommendation for anyone who wants to lose weight will be to go to specialists: trainers and nutritionists. In the process of losing weight, monitor your well-being; for any ailment, you need to change the program or stop it altogether. Any drastic action has its limitations.

Increased activity

Unfortunately, you can't do without increasing your activity and the number of calories burned. This is the basis of the weight loss process. Fat burning is a calorie deficit, that is, it is the negative difference between the calories that come in and go out during the day, where the amount of calories consumed is greater than that of the incoming calories.Losing weight is believed to depend on two main things: nutrition, which accounts for about sixty percent of success, and exercise, which makes up the remaining forty percent.This ratio is very arbitrary, but nevertheless it is an indispensable tool on which the metabolic process rests and much more.

Healthy breakfast with calorie control to lose weight

The caloric deficit must have a certain ratio, exaggerating, you can stop losing weight completely, since the body will enter a state of stress and slow down the metabolism, trying to maintain the accumulated reserves. The acceptable calorie deficit is calculated differently for men and women, amounting to approximately 10-15% of the daily value.

Yes, if you come to the question of rapid weight loss by 10 kilograms, you will have to independently calculate the calories consumed from food and consumed during the day. Don't worry, it's a matter of habit, all for the sake of the result! After all, athletes do not walk with kitchen scales in cafes and stores, so you will soon learn to visually assess your norm.

Let's get back to the activity. Okay, it's different for everyone: one person walks a couple of times a day with their dog and walks to work, the second spends the whole day at the wheel and all their activity is reduced to moving around the office and around the house. . Statistics say that most of the people who completed the daily norm of ten thousand steps did not even take three thousand steps during the quarantine period. Replace the elevator with stairs, the car for walking, watching TV for a walk before bed, and of course, don't forget about sports! Sports must be regular.

Cardio workout

Cardiovascular exercises for effective weight loss

Functional training

Functional training can help strengthen muscles and lose weight

In addition to burning fat, this workout strengthens the muscle corset, improves fiber quality, and forms a visually beautiful relief.


Burpee is a popular exercise to help you lose weight

You can make time to do burpees at home. This is a combination of planks, jumps, and push-ups.

Jump rope

Jump the rope

Jumping rope is in no way inferior to running across the terrain. But rope, like the burpee and many other sports, has its own contraindications, such as headaches, heart problems, joints, etc.

Diets and mono-diets

There are a plethora of diets, but believe me, there is no universal diet. Before choosing one or another diet, it is worth considering the main consequences:

  • The tougher the diet, the more likely it is to fail.
  • with a sharp change in the food basket and food preferences, corresponding reactions of the gastrointestinal tract (disorders and other inconveniences) may appear
  • the transition from your usual diet to diet should be gradual, the diet should also be completed smoothly

Based on the points listed above, our recommendation would be to review your diet without resorting to dieting.


Because such nutrition can then become a good habit, to which your body will respond with gratitude, beauty, good skin condition, and good health.

Diet foods to lose weight

It is imperative to eliminate harmful foods that contribute to obesity and water retention in the body from the diet; exclude sugar, candy, baked goods, flours, fast food, salty, fried, pork, mayonnaise, potatoes, coffee, smoked and cold cuts, carbonated drinks and alcohol. This must be replaced by foods with negative calories, that is, those whose absorption the body expends more calories than it receives from the product itself (celery, cucumbers, grapefruit and others).

Add healthier fats like avocados, fish, reconsider protein, fat and carbohydrate intake at different times.

If we are still talking about diets, then an interesting direction is the mono-diet, that is, a diet in which your diet consists of a single product. Despite the heated debate surrounding this method of losing weight, it is still very effective and popular.

Buckwheat grain

You'll laugh, but now the mono-diet will do you good. . . With buckwheat! Yes, yes, and do you know why? This is really a well-chosen product: if we talk about beneficial properties, then buckwheat is the only cereal that does not absorb most of the harmful components from the environment, it is rich in proteins, amino acids, iron, potassium, copper, calcium. , zinc, B vitamins. This is extremely important for a mono diet, as you only consume one product for a long time.

White cabbage

You can immediately give cabbage a huge head start when it comes to how to prepare it. If buckwheat can be boiled or prepared, then there are more options with cabbage. You can bake it, stew it, make a soup out of it, use it fresh in a salad. Cabbage is considered a negative calorie food, so you can eat it in sufficient quantities. But more importantly, cabbage contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber we need.

Greens can be added to any mono-diet. When consumed in moderation, it will further stimulate intestinal activity.


Water is actively involved in the fight against excess weight. By the way, the more water you drink, the less fluid is retained in the body, and the less it causes bloating as a result.

Drink enough water to fight obesity

An important factor in losing weight is increasing the amount of water you drink. Experts explain that it affects the level of enzyme activity, and with it, the state of health and performance. The water ensures the elimination of toxins and the saturation with the necessary substances and minerals. With an increase in activity, it is imperative to increase the amount of fluid consumed. Here are some tricks to help you control yourself:

  • Hang the water tracker in a prominent place and keep track of the number of glasses you drink per day.
  • download a mobile application that will captivate you in game format and remind you of a specific drink

Water will definitely become your faithful assistant in rapid weight loss by 10 kilograms.

To sleep

Interestingly, the dream should also stand out as one of the elements on the way to the cherished goal. Did you know that there is even a technique called "Sleep and lose weight"? This is because sleep really contributes to weight loss: in a dream, the basic mechanisms, hormonal adjustments and processes are activated, consuming a sufficient level of calories. From what follows: the better the sleep, the more efficient all the processes are. And for a healthy sleep, you need to drink and eat two hours before, ensure a comfortable and correct body position, and fall asleep in the dark.

Healthy sleep will help you lose weight

It's good to breathe fresh air before bed, so don't forget to go for night walks.

To burn fat overnight, you can add some cinnamon, curry, cumin, turmeric, or ginger to your meal, or you can have an apple at night.

Vitamin support

Vitamins necessary to help the body in the process of weight loss.

Vitamin support will help minimize the body's stress response to rapid weight loss, whether it's taking a vitamin complex or eating more vegetables and fruits. Especially considering that most of the time the goal of losing 10 kg quickly is set in a hot or hot season, when we obtain the vitamins in a more natural way.

Hardware thinning

Ultrasonic cavitation liposuction procedure

This method is more of an assistant than a standalone unit, but the world moves on, and who knows what lies ahead for us in the future. . . The method of such weight loss is to influence the body through various devices. But even in this case, to achieve a visible result, experts ask you to take into account proper nutrition and increased activity. Hardware methods of losing weight have their own contraindications, characteristics and disadvantages. Be it vacuum massage, ultrasonic cavitation liposuction, laser liposuction, mesotherapy, pressotherapy, cryolipolysis, endermology massage with LPG or home treatments, they will be of no use if you do not take the above natural weight loss methods as a rule. .

Summing up, we can say one thing: you can lose 10 kg very quickly in a week or a month, without using unequivocally harmful pills and other radical methods.

The more points you adopt, the stricter you observe them, the sooner and more efficient the process will be.

The next step, which you should think about already at the beginning of your journey, is the consolidation and preservation of the result.

Accept yourself, love yourself in any circumstance and remember that the main thing is health.